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A Few Samples of:
Sixty-Five Word Stars
By Hunter Ingalls
© 1999 Hunter Ingalls, Cedar Creek Press, Bushland, Texas

No, John Copley, “There are no peazzers in New York,”
nor are many of the door-stoops friendly;
this city seems to like spikes a lot
and the life in the streets is ungainly.
It’s a traffic’s jam in the red-green glare
of the active match of wits for money
that embattles men in these ornery streets
to watch for profit from the spiked stoops’ fury
and turn out cops in tactical packs
to bring bleak sticks in the line of duty
hard on heads: and boots on the backs
of those clubbed down to the ground already—
students, or poor, who reach for release
from the peaceless quest for privileged wealth
that thrives on haste, that advertises worry
for the sake of profits, and the narrow glory
of person or nation. This fierce, peazzerless city
deep-based on rock of the profit motif
makes walls that reject, makes vision dreary
that all with their backs to brick may spit
at the least ideal of good for the many
that builds from beauty. That might include calm
instead of haste, or suggest that hurry
burdens a man, makes his hands grow bloody.     

There is something in the sun—
perhaps its endowment of shadows—
that makes me fail to comprehend
the concept, “sin,” and the need, “salvation”.
No doubt the story of Adam is a good one,
it’s hefty enough, but it tried to condemn
snakes and women as the villains of evil.
From this have come endless librettos
co-starring God, humans, and The Devil,
but all this stems from the literary travail
of patriarchs with an allergy to foreskins.
“We’ve got God on our side!” is the perennial hymn
of some who kill others for worshipping
the wrong sort of noun. Can’t we dismiss
this past, knowing now we’ve got minds of our own
and eyes and hearts with which to understand
centuries of history filled with mayhem?
Must women be reviled and abused by man,
Simply for attracting him? Ahem!
What is the divine game plan, if not one
plus one sometimes equals a threesome?
Original synergy! What more can we learn?