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Luck vs. Reality

The most common thing you here when you break out on your own is, "you are so lucky you get to do what you love".

It's a weird thing to hear. 

Because it is true. Sort of.

But what most people miss out on is that 'lucky' is a dirty word when you walk away from the safety net of being employed. You can't get lucky. You have to make every day happen.

For instance - today sucked. Pretty badly for a while. I woke up at 4:00 am to a crying baby (which dosen't suck, but is part of my reality) and had to drive the whole family to work, school, etc... because we only have one car right now. I had a job lined up that was going to pay for the repairs - but my first phone call this morning was the client putting the job off and asking for lower price. Then I drove all over town looking for parts for something I'm building for another client - and it took 4 hours to find everything I needed. There are no 'kits' for what I build. And few real hardware stores in this town.

So it's 11:00pm and I am just wrapping up the work I planned to finish at 5:00. See, the one thing I won't give up is my family time (I'll blog about priorities soon) and so once my family is all home - I'm all dad and husband. Work has to wait. Once they hit the sack, I get back at it.

I'm dirty, tired, of all - happy. I got the work done. I'll get paid tomorrow. And it's a damn good thing...

The thing about this kind of work is that it really is work. When you have a job you can get away with a few things. Slacking off is not that difficult. When you don't have a job - you don't get that luxury. You work or you don't get paid. There's nothing else to it. And when the work gets done, it's immensley satisfying. 

So the next time you see some of those 'lucky' self employed types hanging out over coffee in the middle of the day - just remember that most of them work 60 hours a week or more to keep the bills paid. We don't get 'breaks', there is no 'overtime', the clock never gets 'punched'. We are the only one's making "to-do" lists. We make all the rules - but then we have to follow them. Jody Holland of MuRF Systems said it really well the other day. "Every job I do - I think to myself, 'what would the person who does this at the highest level do?' Then I do that." Easy enough...

If you want to be one of the "lucky" one's, it's easy. Just committ. Fully. Then take the leap.

But be prepared for what's coming. All this "luck" is freakin' exhausting...

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Perception, we see only from our own experience and project it on to another.

February 28, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRick Allsup

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