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Jacob Breeden

Artist, gallery owner, misift toy

Why I beleive in this project:

We are all artists. We are all makers of things. It is at the very core of our nature to create. 

Yet our modern culture has determined that the abilities required to pursue this important part of ourselves are “non-required” education. We do not teach ourselves or our children to create, to imagine, or to explore. We teach how to repeat. We teach how to discard. We teach how to consume. 

And we are suffering for it.

Our philosophy at the Art Pusher Project is simple. Art is things people make. Art is people making things. 

At the moment something comes into being that was not there before, it becomes art. Be it a play, a song, a painting, a performance, a dance, a film, a poem, a story, a meal or an experience - once it becomes art, it will always be art. But art is more than just things. 

At the moment you begin the act of creation you, yourself, become art. When you pick up the pen, the welding torch, or the paintbrush. When you go into the garage to build a chair, a table, or a bird house. When you sit down at the piano or pick up your guitar you become the art you seek to create. You become whole.   

We have forgotten how powerful that wholeness is. We have collectively allowed ourselves to be satiated by things that are made quickly and cheaply by people other than ourselves - then thrown away. And their bones litter our homes, our landfills, our bodies, and our minds. momentary satisfaction we feel from the quick fixes we have available to us is immediately overcome by a feeling of loss. So we seek out another fix. The cycle continues. 

It is time to break it. It is time to create again. 

Art is our history, art is our past, and art must be our future. Our creative culture must be reclaimed. Our hands must once again become the tools they were meant to be. The fertile plains of our imaginations must be cultivated and maintained so that they again produce what they were designed to produce.  We must put an end to the creative famine that is now occurring all around us.  

We must choose to push the arts because we must choose to create. We must sacrifice the quick fix for the long term commitment to craft, to skill, and to creating a true and lasting experience. 

It is through the arts that the wholeness of humanity is documented.  

Reclaiming our creative culture. Pushing the Arts. This is why I am invloved in the Arts Pusher Project.